Open a Home Day Care

with Our Family Child Care Training


       How To Open a Day Care in Your Home


Are you looking to open your own home-based day care? 

We are proud to offer our Family Child Care Course that allows you to take care of children in your home.

Registered home-based daycares can take children from birth to 12 years old, with a maximum group size of 7 children. 

Qualifications include being 19 years of age or older and able to provide care and mature guidance to children. Must also have 20 hours of child care-related training (Responsible Adult Course), relevant work experience, a valid first aid certificate and a clear criminal record check.

WorkBC may fund the Home Day Care Course for you, contact your local employment centre to inquire.

More information on this course will be availble soon.  Regularly priced at $225.

Discount pricing available for purchasing both the Responsible Adult Course and the Home Day Care course together for $250.